Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 is a third-person, action-based superhero game
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Spider-Man 2 1.0 is a third-person, action-based superhero game. The game revolves around the protagonist spider man whose mission is to stop Electro from taking over the world. Throughout the game, user swing from building to building, picking up power-ups, beating up thugs and hired goons, and every so often confronting a boss who then proceeds to whip the living tar out of them. The controls are not very precise. The levels consists of looking for keys for a bomb, destroying lasers, climbing tall buildings, rescuing hostages, avoiding traps etc. The gamer can swing, climb and web-sling through interactive 3D environments while experiencing scenarios, settings and characters based on the hit film and others that are exclusive to the game. The title delivers amazing console-like 3D graphics and incredibly immersive game play. Along with Spider-Man’s signature set of moves, which include wall crawling, web yanking and capture webbing and combos into the game - such as the "cocoon" and "heavy web ball." The comic books throughout the levels, opens up pictures in the gallery mode. The game enables the user to have a free-roam environment. The game offer some new features like create-a-costume, and new characters like sandman, electro, shocker, hammerhead, etc. The graphics and sounds are decent with a solid game play.

R. Fernandez
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  • Nice presentation and sound


  • Low frame rate and incomprehensive controls
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